Brazil is battling out the online gambling war this summer and seem to be trying to follow in the US footsteps of UIGEA. One proposal that was introduced recently would be exactly like the UIGEA in that it would outlaw the processing of any payments related to online gambling. Another piece of legislation that is also wending its way through the Brazilian legislature goes even further as it seeks to force ISPs to completely block access to online gambling sites.

Senator Alves Filho had introduced the second piece of legislation and actually wrote in his draft the the bill was inspired by the “good results” brought about by the UIGEA in the United States. I wonder what “good results” he is talking about – the fact that none of the banks know which transactions to block or the “good results” gained by the huge fines levied by the Department of Justice on foreign gambling executives?

Two years ago, a payment processing ban aimed at sports betting sites was introduced in the Brazilian legislature. That bill did not have enough support and did fail to pass into law. These latest proposals, however, may have a chance as they seem to be garnering quite a bit of support within the Brazilian legislature. The concern is that in the end there will be a merging of the two bills into one law which would cause a complete ban on online gambling in the country.