Every year on Christmas Day the Grosvenor Casino in Manchester on Bury New Road shuts down operations. This is the one day during the year that the venue closes and apparently a gang of robbers decided this would be the perfect time to plan a robbery. Robbers hit the casino on Christmas Day 2016 and took over £100,000 in playing chips by using sledgehammers to bust in the area around the cashier booth to gain access.

Only chips were taken during the robbery with no cash missing from the cashier booth and it seems that those involved may be visiting the venue and introducing the chips into circulation according to a report in the Manchester Evening News.

The robbers who took the chips or associates of the criminals appear to be coming back to the Grosvenor Casino to cash in the chips that were stolen. According to the customer, the casino has removed the £100 pink chips from circulation to try and stop those involved from being able to cash in the stolen chips.

The Greater Manchester Police department released a statement on the incident that revealed a report of a robbery at a casino in Manchester took place on December 25th, 2016. ‘A significant number of chips were stolen and enquiries are ongoing’.  Police are asking anyone with details of the incident or witnesses to the crime to come forward.