Manila, Philippines, March 2, 2015  APT Cambodia scheduled for May 26th to June 3rd, 2015 is to be cancelled.

Making the announcement, Jeff Mann, CEO, Asian Poker Tour said that the cancellation was due to an unfortunate clash of dates with APPT Macau, recently announced by PokerStars.

“We are upset with the sudden and unexpected change to the PokerStars schedule, which creates an unnecessary clash for both tours. We announced and confirmed our dates for Cambodia after PokerStars published their schedule for 2015 last year. There is – or was – an understanding for the good of both tours; for the benefit of players and for the good of poker generally – that our events would be planned so they did not happen on the same week – I’m not sure what happened”, said Mann.

APT remain committed to an event in Cambodia, in 2015, following last year’s great success, with their first event, held at the Queenco Hotel and Casino.

Mann is still committed to Cambodia for 2015, but not if it represents a clash, “Last year was a big success: A total of 191 players representing 41 nationalities participated.  As Cambodians were unable to participate, this was a tremendous turnout from the poker community for a first time event. Given player feedback we were anticipating at least a 50% increase in player numbers for the upcoming May event – nevertheless, it’s an event still in the making and one with a great future.  But to put it up against APPT Macau this year would be a huge mistake, for both tours and the players”.

“Hopefully we can find a slot later in the year to stage this event”, added Mann.


About the Asian Poker Tour

The Asian Poker Tour was founded in 2008. Its first tournament was held in May of 2008 in the Philippines. Since then, it has grown to one of the leading poker tournaments in Asia. To date, the APT has staged more than 30 major events and numerous smaller tournaments mainly in the Asia-Pacific Region like the Philippines, Macau, Korea and Cambodia. But the brand has also been brought as far out as India, Australia, London and Mauritius. Through these events, more than USD 10 Million in prize pools have been awarded.

With its vision of providing a world-class poker experience at every stop, the Asian Poker Tour looks to broaden its reach by visiting more countries this year.

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