On May 14th 2015, Best Sunshine and the Saipan Casino Commission came to logger heads over the intended build of a $7 billion integrated resort (IR) on the island of Saipan in the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas.

Best Sunshine International has been asked by the regulator for a copy of the lease agreement with T Galleria in a separate venture from the IR. The lease is the subject of review for regulatory purposes according to the commission.

However, Best Sunshine has said that the agreement is a confidential landlord and tenant agreement and is refusing to give them a copy according to reports. The premises will also be used by the company as a casino training facility.

Other Best Sunshine lease agreements in Saipan  have been added to the mix with the commissioners wanting to see these as well.

Edward Deleon Guerrero, the commission Executive Director said that if Best Sunshine plans on sub-leasing on its own or through an organization like Imperial Pacific (parent company) then this will also need to be regulated.

This has come up on the heels of Best Sunshine concluding extended negotiations for a parcel of land in Garapan for its resort.

Best Sunshine recently signed a 40 year lease on 19,154 square meters of public land in Garapan.