Best Sunshine International’s (BSI) $25 million live training facility will have glass enclosures as soon as it receives approval from its lessor, T Galleria.

The plan to address concerns regarding smoking at the casino was discussed during a media conference on Thursday by Imperial Pacific chief service officer Tao Xing, BSI chief executive officer Mark A. Brown, and legal counsel for BSI, Viola Alepuyo.

Being the responsible corporate citizens they are, Brown said they heard what the people said and immediately began work on a solution to the problem, according to the Marianas Variety. However, before the glass enclosures can be built, BSI requires approval from T Galleria’s Hong Kong headquarters, according to Alepuyo. The availability of materials on island needed for the enclosure is also being researched by BSI.

Alepuyo said that as a temporary measure they considered using plywood to board up the facility initially, but when it was learned that they could obtain glass on island the plan changed. Plans are already being made for the manner in which to proceed with construction of the wood mullions and glass panels once approval is received from T Galleria.

The designs for the glass enclosures were disclosed by BSI on Thursday. Changes will be made to the Hard Rock Café gift shop and the entrance to T Galleria where air curtains have already been installed. Glass will also cover the arched opening that accesses the facility and the slot area on the second floor, among other areas where glass and wood will be added.

Executives at BSI said they have gone above and beyond what’s required in addressing the concerns. BSI has met with DFS/T Galleria executives several times to discuss their plans, according to Brown, who said they have also met with officials from the Commonwealth Casino Commission and the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. He also gave assurances that BSI’s corporate office is in complete compliance with the anti-smoking law.