Because the online gambling industry grows so fast, it is important to catch up on all the latest goings on. The BET London iGaming Expo is a perfect way to stay in the know with everything happening within this fast-growing market. The expo will take place from April 7th to the 9th, at the Old Billingsgate venue in London. Attend the two day show to take in twelve hours of useful information and gain insight into the gaming industry.

Mix and Mingle:

During the BET London, mix and mingle with other professionals, starting new friendships and possibly partnerships within the industry. Over 2,500 online gaming experts will be on hand from all over the world to understand the future of this market that continues to grow at a rapid pace.

More than 30 speakers will be on hand to discuss where the industry is developing and how. The agenda covers all segments and verticals, leaving no stone unturned. There is essentially two goals of the event, on a global scale; unveil industry pitfalls and to understand the future of the rapidly-growing iGaming market.

Exhibition and Networking:

During the expo, over fifty companies will gather together to present their latest creations. Be among the first to see what has been created within the gambling industry, including the latest technological solutions and games.

The London exhibition will be used as a marketing tool so that those participating can present their new creations to a target audience.

Informal networking opportunities are also on the agenda. As online gaming enthusiasts gather, the event will provide a means for networking in several ways. A VIP zone, networking zone, pre-party and an after party along with a poker tournament are great ways in which to get to know others and make new connections.