The California State Lottery has announced that one of its players recently collected a life-changing $20 million cash jackpot after managing to correctly predict all five numbers as well as the bonus figure for its SuperLotto Plus game.

According to a Thursday press release from the California State Lottery, Jose Ramos bought a solitary $1 ticket into its February 3 draw at a Miss Donuts and Bagel franchise in the San Bernardino County city of Fontana before going on to accurately forecast the winning figures of 10, 29, 41, 45 and 46 along with the Mega bonus number of 10.

The California State Lottery declared that the winner consequently claimed his lottery prize at its Inland Empire district office in the city of San Bernardino while in the company of his attorney, which it described as ‘not an unusual move when you’re dealing with the type of money Ramos won.’

“Another thing that caught our attention is the fact that Ramos hit the jackpot after buying just one ticket,” read a statement from the California State Lottery, which has been running competitions since October of 1985. “That’s right. He spent just $1 and by picking numbers of personal significance Ramos is now a multi-millionaire.”

The California State Lottery stated that Ramos subsequently declined to be interviewed about his good fortune other than to publicly state that the win felt ‘great’ and that he was ‘grateful and thankful to God.’

SuperLotto Plus is the California State Lottery’s in-state jackpot game with draws from its Sacramento headquarters taking place on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. The operator detailed that the Miss Donuts and Bagel franchise will moreover benefit from Ramos’ good luck by receiving a cash prize of $100,000.