Cash handling specialist GeWeTe GmbH has announced the signing of a deal that will see its range of automated redemption machines managed and operated utilizing technology from Canadian firm Axes Network Solutions Incorporated.

A subsidiary of German gaming giant Gauselmann Group, GeWeTe GmbH stated that it has more than 60,000 automated redemption machines installed all over the world including with some 120 casinos. The Mechernich-headquartered firm declared that this portfolio is now able to be run using a cloud-based management system provided by Axes Network Solutions Incorporated that has been designed to further eliminate errors, theft and fraud.

Aristidis Tsikouras, Managing Director for GeWeTe GmbH, proclaimed that the new partnership indicates ‘how recognized’ his company’s brands are becoming across the globe and will give operators ‘full control’ over automated redemption machines utilizing the Axes Network Solutions Incorporated technology.

“Our mission is to ensure that our customers benefit from the latest ways and means to achieve higher performance so that we remain useful and proud to be of service,” read a statement from Tsikouras. “This now includes GeWeTe GmbH redemption machines as we provide all the key data through our system.”

For his part, Earle Hall, President and Chief Executive Officer for Quebec City-based Axes Network Solutions Incorporated, explained that he was ‘very impressed with the engineering and the redemption product’ offered by GeWeTe GmbH before detailing that the integration process had been ‘a resounding success’.

Hall furthermore proclaimed that clients in over 40 nations now utilize his company’s cloud-based management system, which processes of billions of pieces of machine, player and time data in order to increase revenues and enhance real-time customer engagement.

“GeWeTe GmbH’s products will offer tremendous value to our clients,” read a statement from Hall. “Automated redemption machines save time and money as well as drastically reducing theft and violence risks.”