The battle between Wynn Resorts and the City of Boston led by Mayor Marty Walsh has received a lot of publicity as both parties have used the media to tear down one another and it eventually culminated in a lawsuit where the City of Boston alleged that the state gaming commission had violated a number of procedures to grant Wynn Resorts a casino license for its Wynn Everett casino.

Wynn Resorts appeared to win that battle after securing a critical environmental permit and has already started preparation work at the casino site. A judge also cautioned Mayor Walsh from using the media to play out this lawsuit in public and gain political mileage. Billionaire Steve Wynn had earlier stated that he found Mayor Walsh an extremely unreasonable man and someone with whom he could not negotiate  and hence was willing to battle it out in court.

Just last week there were meetings between members of Walsh’s team and Wynn Resorts executives in what many believed was an attempt to find common ground and work through their differences. That does not appear to have worked out as the City of Boston went ahead and filed another lawsuit against Wynn Resorts proposed $1.7 billion mega-casino stating that the key environmental certification that Wynn Resorts obtained was not valid.

The City of Boston filed a lawsuit in Suffolk Superior Court with Wynn as the defendant and submitted a 41 page complaint. The City wants the court to invalidate the key environmental certification that was issued by the secretary of energy and environmental affairs from Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s administration. The lawsuit alleges that both Wynn Resorts and the secretary Matthew Beaton have deliberately overlooked serious concerns that the Wynn Everett casino would cause and the negative impact it would have on traffic in the congested neighbourhood in Charlestown.

In a statement, Michael Weaver, a representative of Wynn Resorts said “Once again, the City of Boston has not allowed Wynn to see their complaint directly, but instead has used the media to deliver its inflammatory claims. This is certainly an unproductive way for the city to engage in a dialogue with our company, and will be unlikely to benefit the citizens of Boston; yet it is likely to force the citizens to carry the burden of ever-increasing legal fees.”

Baker’s administration declined to comment on the new lawsuit stating that it was not in a position to comment on on-going lawsuits but did state that it “takes the concerns of local communities seriously”.