The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has decided to partner with three high-end designers who will be responsible for designing a total of 21 VIP penthouse suites which will be a part of the new Boulevard Tower. The company has hired the services of Richmond International of London, Tihany Design from New York and Daun Curry.

The Blackstone Group which is the parent company of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is investing $300 million into the property as part of its five year development strategy and the new 51 storey tower is a part of this phase. There will also be a special private gaming salon developed at the top of the Boulevard Tower.

Each designer has been contracted to design a total of 7 high end penthouse suites and Tihany Design has been given the added responsibility of designing the private gaming salon as well. The designers will create unique designs for each of the penthouse suites which range between 2,000 to 5,000 square feet and cover a combined total of 63,000 square feet.

In a statement, Bill McBeath, president and CEO of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas said “These one-of-a-kind designer Boulevard Penthouses and private gaming salon are the final project to solidify The Cosmopolitan’s position atop the list of full-service luxury properties in Las Vegas. Our idea in partnering with these three outstanding designers was not to have 21 penthouses painted with the same brush, but to find creative partners who would bring the touches of residential high-design to the hospitality space — the results will be unparalleled.”

Adam Tihany runs Tihany design and the company has completed a number of top projects including the Four Seasons hotel in Dubai and the Seabourn Encore cruise ship. Adam Tihany stated that his work at the Cosmopolitan will reflect the beauty of Beverly Hills, California and New York while the private gaming salon will have a unique Art Deco style men’s club feel to it.

Daun Curry will look to create a theme that reflects the seductiveness, opulence and glamour of Las Vegas and will have a number of artisans contributing to the project. Some of the unique features that will feature in her interiors include natural-cut Italian glass mosaic murals, luxe pony hair walls and grottos where soaking tubs jut out of natural-cut marble.

Fiona Thompson, who runs Richmond International, will be venturing into Las Vegas for the first time and plans to use two separate color palettes which will be a strong cobalt blue and teal and jewel tones to create a distinct feel. Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has not disclosed how much they are paying each designer or how much each penthouse suite will cost. As of now, the Boulevard Tower is expected to be finished before the end of 2016 or in early 2017.