As eSports become more popular among gamblers, casinos are beginning to take advantage. Crown Casino of Melbourne has announced they will be hosting a tournament in the eSports genre based on the popular game Call Of Duty. The tournament will take place on the 9th and 10th of April and will be similar to a tournament the venue held last year.

Last year’s event, CS: GO Crown Invitational was a success at the casino, with four teams from Australia taking on team Millennium from Europe and Optic Gaming of the United States. For this year, it is believed that the Crown will be offering A$70,000 for the winner, which equals $53,300 in US dollars. The amount will be announced once the competition is completed.

eSports have continued to expand over the past few years as players show interest. It is believed that the market will grow just over 40% from last year, bringing in a total of $463 million for 2016. Australia has been one area where eSports have grown significantly and now the country has access to YouTube Gaming which was launched at the beginning of this month.