Delta Corp has been approved for a casino gaming license in Nepal. The group will offer gaming via a Marriott Hotel in the region, with operations set to start soon.

Details of the Approval:

General Manager of Delta Corp, Dilip Vaidya, stated that the subsidiary of the company in Nepal was issued a casino gaming license for the Marriott Hotel in Kathmandu. The company entered a Memorandum of Understanding to lease the space at the five star hotel. The group is expected to begin operations in the near future.

The laws of Nepal require that a licensed casino must be connected to a five-star hotel. In the region, there are currently six licensed casinos and give are located in the region of Kathmandu.

According to

The Marriott in Kathmandu opened in July 2019. The ability for Delta Corp to operate the casino in the facility comes after a deal was made with Everest Hospitality and Hotel Pvt Ltd back in 2017.

Delta Corp Operations:

Delta Corp offers hotel and gaming services in Goa, via the Deltin Suites. The property has a 106 room hotel and a casino space. They also operate in Gangtok, via the Casino Deltin Denzong. This property is located inside the Denzong Regency hotel.

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