Over the past few years, the city of D’Iberville in Mississippi has made efforts to become more of a destination rather a town to visit. On Monday, officials of the city will meet to launch the Discover D’Iberville brand; using social media, a website, mobile applications and more to brand the area as a destination for visitors.

A meeting is set for this Monday at 3pm and then again at 6pm. During the meeting, merchants in the area will be coming together to discuss the launch of the Discover D’Iberville brand. Director of Economic Development and City Planner, Jeff Taylor, stated that Discover D’Iberville will pull together the heritage of the city and invite visitors to discover the shopping venues, restaurants and attractions.

Taylor stated that after the opening of the Scarlet Pearl Resort and the new access ramps along the interstate, the city is in preparation for the transition into a tourist destination, according to the Sun Herald.

Businesses who attend the meeting for Discover D’Iberville will receive a free digital listing. Since each local business pays for a license, the city will be giving merchants the listing for free. The city will be paying the initial costs for the Discover D’Iberville initiative and then additional revenues will be generated for more advertising for the plans.

The plan of branding D’Iberville into a destination has taken over one year, with a committee including Taylor working on the project. According to Taylor, thousands of individuals drive along the interstates through D’Iberville every day but do not have any idea what is located off the exits. Plans include posting signs for a free application and map to show just what can be found in the city.