American hotel, restaurant and casino operator Fifth Street Gaming has announced the inking of deal that is to see it collaborate with Ojos Locos Sports Cantina so as to open a gambling-friendly venue dedicated to southern Nevada’s ‘Latino community’.

The Las Vegas-headquartered firm used an official Friday press release to detail that the as yet unnamed property will be a redevelopment of its home city’s Lucky Club Casino and Hotel and feature a 10,000 sq ft casino alongside a restaurant capable of accommodating almost 300 diners. The company moreover pronounced that the coming facility is expected to open from December following an unspecified investment as the first of its kind in the United States specifically tailored to appeal to the ‘Latino community.’

Fresh focus:

Seth Schorr serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Fifth Street Gaming and he used the press release to disclose that the novel development is to also come complete with 10,000 sq ft of indoor and outdoor entertainment space while having a Mexico-themed offering from Ojos Locos Sports Cantina serving as its ‘dining, entertainment and nightlife centerpiece.’ The boss furthermore declared that all of this is to be complemented by ‘a robust calendar of concerts featuring Latino artists, Mexican rodeos and food festivals.’

Read a statement from Schorr…

“We are gratified to join together on this endeavor with Ojos Locos Sports Cantina, a vibrant and growing brand that over the last twelve years has established itself as a national leader in providing authentic hospitality experiences to the Latino community. Its expertise, combined with our 15-year record of producing successful events designed for the Latino audience in southern Nevada, makes it the ideal partner in this first-ever Latino-focused integrated gaming, dining and entertainment venture.”

Pervasive portfolio:

Fifth Street Gaming additionally runs its flagship Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas as well as the nearby Gold Spike Hotel and Casino, Western Hotel and Casino and Opera House Casino and Saloon. The company is similarly responsible for The Silver Nugget Casino and Event Center and The Golden Tiki gaming tavern in addition to an estate of more than 50 bars and restaurants such as the Triple George Grill.

Overture opportunity:

For its part and Dallas-headquartered Ojos Locos Sports Cantina operates over a dozen Mexico-themed sports bars and restaurants that are spread across the southwestern United States. The firm’s Marketing Vice-President, Laura Caudillo, proclaimed that her company is ‘excited and honored to collaborate with Fifth Street Gaming’ on the coming Las Vegas facility as this will allow it ‘to bring the Ojos experience to Nevada.’

A statement from Caudillo read…

“We look forward to adding to the Latino community experience with our excellent service, delicious food and fun atmosphere.”