PRNewswire – Gamblit Gaming, leading technology provider for real money gaming in mobile games, today announced partnerships with Shanda Games International Europe, Gamiker and Flexball.  All three companies will utilize Gamblit Gaming’s proprietary platform to let users add real money gaming mechanics to any mobile or PC game with a single, simple integration.

“We’re thrilled that our first partners are some of the world’s top mobile game publishers and innovators who constantly push mobile gambling forward,” said Eric Meyerhofer, CEO, Gamblit Gaming.  “This is an exciting time.  With mobile technology available to almost every audience, the opportunities are endless.  Allowing mobile games to enable gambling delivers an enhanced form of entertainment that will keep players engaged on a whole new level.”

Shanda Games International Europe is a division of Shanda Games, one of China’s leading online game companies and publisher of some of the world’s most popular massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) and mobile games, including Dragon Nest and Million Arthur.   Shanda Games International Europe will reveal their roadmap of mobile titles developed with Gamblit Gaming’s proprietary platform later this year.

“We were immediately impressed by Gamblit’s capabilities and unique position in the games space,” said Coco Chen, Managing Director, Shanda Games International Europe.  “We look forward to working with Gamblit and being at the forefront of this emerging market.”

Gamiker is a Los Angeles-based publisher of mobile gambling games that offers engaging and creative alternatives to traditional casino style games.  Gamiker’s first title launching with Gamblit Gaming will be Hatching Dragons, a free-to-play puzzle game that introduces collectible dragons and their eggs to the old mold of Jewel and Candy Matching games.  It will be the world’s first “Match-3” game to offer real money gambling.  The company has plans to release a larger slate of games in Q4 2014.

“We got into this business because we love games and wanted to try something new in a segment of the industry that has been stagnant, in the face of great change in the online and mobile landscape,” said Ray Ting, CEO, Gamiker.  “Partnering with Gamblit made perfect sense to us, as our visions are aligned, we share an innovative spirit and no one else comes close to delivering the way they have for us!”

Headquartered in Seoul, Korea, Flexball is an innovative mobile game studio focused on developing high-quality social gambling games.  Titles built on the new Gamblit Gaming platform will be announced in 2014.

“The more I started looking into real money gambling in mobile games, the stronger I felt about it,” said Henry Park, CEO, Flexball.  “We’re excited to partner with Gamblit as we know this is a complicated space to walk alone and truly value how they are bridging the gap between gaming and gambling.”

Gamblit Gaming’s platform gives game developers access to real money gaming capabilities to enhance mobile games, tap into the lucrative online gaming and land-based casino markets and attract the high income consumer.  Developers can integrate a single SDK into their existing mobile games or design new, original real money games with Gamblit Gaming’s development kit.  Gamblit Gaming provides all of the technology, operations, account management, security, gambling licenses, regulations and compliance elements needed.  The company also helps casino operators deliver a new entertainment experience to not only attract new players, but retain existing players.  Through Gamblit Gaming, casino operators can compete on innovation while driving growth and revenue.

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About Gamblit Gaming:
Gamblit Gaming is a leading technology provider of real money gaming in video games, enabling a wide range of game genres to accommodate gambling experiences in online and on-site deployments worldwide. Gamblit’s platform provides all essential regulated technology, customer operations, and licenses; freeing up game developers, publishers, and casino operators to focus on making the best possible game experience for their players. Founded with the goal of bridging the gap between games and gaming, Gamblit’s executive team has deep roots in both industries. The company is headquartered in Glendale, California.

About Shanda Games International Europe GmbH
Shanda Games International Europe is a Germany-based publisher of online and mobile games. Founded in 2013, the company is specialized in distributing and operating free-to-play online and mobile games all over Europe.

Shanda Games International Europe is part of the Shanda Games Group that also comprises Actoz and Eyedentity Games in Korea and Cherry Credits in Singapore. The parent company Shanda Games Limited is one of the leading Chinese developers and publishers of online and mobile games, offering users over 70 game products.

Since September 2013, Shanda Games International Europe has been operating Dragon Nest, one of the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games on the global market, in Europe. More information about Dragon Nest Europe can be found on the official website

About Gamiker
Gamiker was founded with the cognizance that the mobile gaming space holds tremendous potential for the iteration and innovation of gaming, particularly gambling games. Necessary, but demanding, regulations and narrow pipelines have resulted in a lopsided world in which incredible technology has brought gaming entertainment to the palm of our hands, but within the world’s greatest arcades, players are restricted only to playing games developed, in some cases, centuries before. In recognition of the iterative power of software and the desires of increasingly sophisticated players to be entertained while engaged in gambling activities, Gamiker titles will revitalize and energize the gambling space by offering innovative games that seamlessly integrate the thrill of gambling and the raw fun of contemporary gaming mechanics. Working with the savviest minds in both the mobile gaming and gambling space, Gamiker aims to help reignite the debate about what makes a truly wonderful gambling enterprise and release titles that leave players with a satisfying and enjoyable play experience no matter the outcome. Gamiker is located in sunny, Pasadena, California.

About Flexball
Flexball is an innovative mobile game studio that is creating titles in a range of genres, including innovative and high quality gambling games for the regulated and social gaming markets.  Founded by veterans from Nexon, NCsoft and Gamehi, the Flexball team brings a wealth of experience having created the world’s most popular free-to-play games.  The company is headquartered in Seoul, Korea.

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