The Intercontinental Hotel, St. Julian’s recently hosted the iGaming Idol Awards in Malta, with the Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) racking up. The employees of the company earned four awards with GiG also earning the Employer Branding of the Year. During the awards, GiG finalists were recognized in nine of twenty categories, clearly showing that the company employs the most talented individuals.

Breaking Records in 2018:

During the process of this year’s iGaming Idol Awards, GiG continued to break records. The individuals associated with the company received the most nominations when considering all companies participating. More than 20 individuals from GiG were able to make it to the second round of judging with nine becoming finalists.

In a press release…

Before the big event, COO of GiG, Mikael Angman stated: “We’ve already broken iGaming Idol records, and have set the benchmark to beat for companies next year. Our senior leadership team couldn’t be prouder of every single nominee. And tonight, we have nine very deserving finalists representing everyone at GiG’s hard work, commitment and teamwork. So, whether we go on to win or to place, we’re already winners!”

Big Winners:

The first winner for GiG was Milorad Matejic, earning the title of SEO Idol of the Year. Anthony Cabrera then earned the VIP Idol of the Year award followed by Maria Mora who earned the Design & User Experience Idol of the Year award. Sales Idol of the Year award when to GiG’s Roger Admeus.

During the night, GiG was also recognized as a whole, earning the Employer Branding of the Year award. After a strong 2017, the company focused on rebranding from the ground up, having created a visually appealing branding that promotes consistency and confidence.

CEO of GiG, Robin Reed, commented on the wins by stating: “Every finalist was deserving of an award for their hard work and contributions to their companies. I couldn’t be prouder of our four individual winners, or of the Employer Branding award – which has a huge collective of people working on every aspect of it behind the scenes. Congratulations to all of you!”