Great Canadian Gaming has issued a notice of civil claim in the Supreme Court of British Columbia against the B.C. Lottery Corporation, claiming the company has taken casino cash in which they have no claim. The casino company is suing the B.C. Lottery for over $18 million and claims the Lottery Corporation took the money after an agreement was reached for the collection of such monies to stop.

Great Canadian Gaming states they have been protesting the cash claims for years and that the BCLC has ‘refused or neglected’ to stop collecting the money. According to GCG, the BCLC has no legal entitlement or contractual claim to the money that they have been collecting for the past several years.

The lawsuit covers an agreement between the casino companies and the BCLC in regards to a marketing trust account. The agreement was between casino operators with 300+ slot games and and the BCLC, with these companies required to place funds into programs that would promote the casinos in a responsible manner. In the lawsuit filing, the agreement between the Great Canadian Casinos and BCLC was terminated in 2009 with the casino company no longer required to make such contributions.

After the termination letter was issued, Great Canadian found money was still being taken from their revenues, with the BCLC taking a .6 percentage. According to Great Canadian, they asked the BCLC to stop taking the money in 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014, yet the money continued to be taken from revenues. As of the last day of 2014, the Great Canadian has reported that $18 million has been taken by the BCLC.

Great Canadian Gaming, and their subsidiary Great American Gaming own and/or operate several casinos in the US and Canada. The company has been operating casinos  since 1982.