On Thursday, June 17th, 2021 the Houston Astros have decided to place their star third baseman / shortstop and World Series champion, Alex Bregman, on Major League Baseball’s 10 – day injured list due to Bregman’s strained left quadriceps. This may prove to be a devastating blow to the player roster of the Houston Astros. Alex is by far one of the best hitters for the Houston Astros team this season as well as one of their best infielders and base runners.

The Houston Astros and Bregman must both hope that this strain to Bregman’s left quadriceps not a serious injury that will keep him off the field for the Houston Astros for over two weeks’ time. Currently the Houston Astros are in second place in the highly competitive American League West division of Major League Baseball. The Astros will definitely be depending on Alex in order to make a push to get into the 2021 MLB postseason this year, and make a run at the 2021 World Series with the Houston Astros.

The Cause of the Injury to Alex Bregman’s Strained Left Quadriceps

On Wednesday, June 16th, 2021 during the ball game between the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros, Alex Bregman strained his left quadriceps after putting the ball in play through the infield and trying to run out a double play at first base in the first inning of this heated rivalry big – league game. Bregman ended up having to pull up short of first base by a few steps as he obviously suffered a lower – body injury.

Alex then hobbled off of the field at Minute Maid Park located in Houston, Texas, and Bregman headed directly in to the home clubhouse in order to be evaluated by the medical staff there at the stadium. The Houston Astros defeated the Texas Rangers on Wednesday night with a final score of 8 to 4, but that was the last thing on the mind of the Houston Astros’ manager, Dusty Baker, as he knows how important Bregman is in the Astros’ daily starting line – up. Currently there is no designated timetable for Alex to return to game action as more testing and evaluations are coming from the Houston Astros regarding the condition of their MLB All – Star and highly – talented third baseman / shortstop.

Media Statements

 “We really don’t know,” the Houston Astros manager, Dusty Baker, explained to the media circuit after the game on Wednesday night. “He’s being evaluated by doctors today. Even when they do tell us, to tell you how long it’s going to be, it’s merely a guess.”

Replacement for Alex Bregman in the Houston Astros’ Line – Up

In order for the Houston Astros to fill Bregman’s roster spot on the team they have decided to recall Garrett Stubbs from the Houston Astros’ Triple – A affiliate in the Sugar Land Skeeters. Stubbs is currently playing the catcher’s position, but only time will tell how Baker and the Astros choose to utilize Garrett over the next week or so if he lasts that long in the majors.

Alex Bregman’s Baseball Background Includes:

  • Alex wears uniform # 2 for the Houston Astros
  • He primarily plays third base and shortstop for the Houston Astros
  • Bregman bats right – handed and he also throws right – handed
  • His MLB Debut was on July 25th, 2016 for the Houston Astros
  • Alex has only played Major League Baseball for the Houston Astros from 2016 to the present day
  • Bregman is a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Alex primarily played the catcher position growing up
  • Bregman’s NCAA college baseball career took place at LSU for the Tigers of the SEC
  • The Houston Astros selected Alex with the second overall pick in the first round of the 2015 MLB Draft.
  • Bregman’s Career Batting Average is .284
  • He has 112 MLB Career Home Runs
  • He has 375 Runs Batted In (RBIs) throughout his 6 year MLB career
  • During the 2021 MLB season so far Bregman is hitting .275, he has 7 home runs, 34 RBIs, 63 hits, 14 doubles, 0 triples, he has scored 37 runs, walked 29 times, struck out 42 times, he has one stolen base, his OBP is .359, Alex’s SLG is .428, his OPS is .787, and his OPS + is 119. Bregman has accomplished all of that throughout the 2021 Major League Baseball season over the course of 59 games, 262 plate appearances, and 229 official big – league at bats.

Alex Bregman’s Baseball Career Achievements, Honors, and Awards

  • 2 Time MLB All – Star (2018, 2019)
  • MLB All – Star Game MVP (2018)
  • All – MLB Second Team (2019)
  • World Series Champion (2017)
  • Silver Slugger Award (2019)

Current MLB Standings (as of Thursday, June 17th, 2021)

American League East

Tampa Bay Rays                    43 – 26            0 Games Behind

Boston Red Sox                      42 – 27            1 Games Behind

New York Yankees                36 – 32            6.5 Games Behind

Toronto Blue Jays                   33 – 34            9 Games Behind

Baltimore Orioles                   22 – 46            20.5 Games Behind

American League Central

Chicago White Sox                 43 – 26            0 Games Behind

Cleveland Indians                   38 – 28            3.5 Games Behind

Kansas City Royals                30 – 37            12 Games Behind

Detroit Tigers                         29 – 39            13.5 Games Behind

Minnesota Twins                    27 – 41            15.5 Games Behind

American League West

Oakland Athletics                   43 – 27            0 Games Behind

Houston Astros                     40 – 28            2 Games Behind

Seattle Mariners                      34 – 36            9 Games Behind

Los Angeles Angels                33 – 35            9 Games Behind

Texas Rangers                        25 – 43            17 Games Behind

National League East

New York Mets                      35 – 26            0 Games Behind

Philadelphia Phillies               33 – 33            4.5 Games Behind

Atlanta Braves                        31 – 35            6.5 Games Behind

Washington Nationals             30 – 35            7 Games Behind

Miami Marlins                        29 – 39            9.5 Games Behind

National League Central

Chicago Cubs                         39 – 30            0 Games Behind

Milwaukee Brewers                38 – 31            1 Games Behind

Cincinnati Reds                      35 – 32            3 Games Behind

St. Louis Cardinals                 35 – 34            4 Games Behind

Pittsburgh Pirates                    23 – 44            15 Games Behind

National League West

San Francisco Giants              44 – 25            0 Games Behind

Los Angeles Dodgers             41 – 27            2.5 Games Behind

San Diego Padres                    39 – 32            6 Games Behind

Colorado Rockies                   29 – 41            15.5 Games Behind

Arizona Diamondbacks          20 – 50            24.5 Games Behind

Odds to Win the MLB 2021 World Series       

According to Bovada sportsbook below are the odds to win the MLB 2021 World Series as of Thursday, June 17th, 2021. Currently the Houston Astros have the 6th highest odds to win it all for this exciting 162 game regular season of Major League Baseball in addition to the 2021 MLB playoffs.

Team                                                   Odds

Los Angeles Dodgers                         +350

Chicago White Sox                             +650

San Diego Padres                                +700

New York Mets                                  +1000

New York Yankees                            +1200

Houston Astros                                 +1400

Tampa Bay Rays                                +1500

Boston Red Sox                                  +1800

Oakland Athletics                               +2000

Atlanta Braves                                    +2400

Toronto Blue Jays                               +2500

Milwaukee Brewers                            +2500

San Francisco Giants                          +2800

St. Louis Cardinals                             +3500

Chicago Cubs                                     +4500

Cleveland Indians                               +4500

Los Angeles Angels                            +6000

Cincinnati Reds                                  +6600

Philadelphia Phillies                           +7000

Seattle Mariners                                  +7500

Minnesota Twins                                +8000

Kansas City Royals                            +10000

Washington Nationals                        +12500

Miami Marlins                                    +15000

Pittsburgh Pirates                                +60000

Detroit Tigers                                     +60000

Texas Rangers                                    +75000

Colorado Rockies                               +100000

Baltimore Orioles                               +100000

Arizona Diamondbacks                      +150000