The Holland Casino Amsterdam played host to the Master Classics of Poker, with the €4,300 Main Event recently finishing up. With 346 players competing, the field would be tough. In the end, Kevin Paqué would claim the win after defeating Steve O’Dwyer in heads-up play.

Final Table Play:

Paqué would start the final table second in chips but would quickly take the lead with the first hand after going head to head with Pascal Vos. From there, Paqué would put pressure on each of his opponents, but it would still take over two hours before the first player, Ole Schemion, would be eliminated in 9th.

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One hand later, Shyngis Satubayev, would be eliminated, and player by player, the table would whittle down until only Paqué and O’Dywer remained. As the heads-up round began, O’Dywer would find his stack getting shorter and shorter, but would double up a few times, only to lose to Paqué in the end.

The Main Event would end after two and a half hours of heads-up poker play, when O’Dwyer quickly called a check-shove of Paqué. The board read J-Q-5-4 with two of those being clubs. O’Dwyer held the top pair but Paqué had a flush draw which hit on the river, giving him the hand and the first-place finish in Amsterdam.

Final Results:

Place Player Prize
First Kevin Paqué €260,878
Second Steve O’Dwyer €174,421
Third Paraskevas Tsokaridis €124,548
Fourth Pascal Vos €95,911
Fifth Frederico Silva €80,836
Sixth Jan Bednar €$61,833
Seventh Johan Rensink €43,023
Eighth Shyngis Satubayev €33,021
Ninth Ole Schemion €25,485