The Okada Manila recently played host to the first ever PokerStars Red Dragon Manila Super High Roller Event, featuring a ₱500,000 buy-in. The event saw 25 players competing during Day 1 and five players deciding to re-enter. Only five would cash out and after a tough heads-up round, it would be Lester Edoc claiming the win, defeating Florencio Campomanes in the process.

The Final Day:

When the final day of play began, only 11 players would return to the felt. It would take only around 20 minutes before the final table was set. Campomanes was taking players out left and right, including Xiao Ling Li, the only woman to enter the event.

According to PokerNews

The event would whittle down to only Edoc and Campomanes remaining. The two would be pretty even in chips with only a small difference between them. The lead would transfer back and forth between the two players for a few times until Campomanes managed to double up with a straight.

Edoc would then double up two times before the two players decided to talk about a possible deal. After not being able to agree on a number, the two resumed the heads-up round. Eventually, the final hand would go down. Campomanes would shove the last of his chips with Jack-10 suited. Edoc would call holding A-5.

Final Hand: 

The board would not help Campomanes and Edoc would earn the hand and the poker tournament win, becoming the first ever Red Dragon Manila Super High Roller champion.

The Red Dragon Manila action continues at the Okada Manila as the Main Event begins today.

Final Table Results: 

Place Player Prize
First Lester Edoc $102,127
Second Florencio Campomanes $70,386
Third Nang Quang Nguyen $44,844
Fourth Lei Yu $32,426
Fifth Yake Wu $26,236