Lorenzo Fertitta has resigned as President of Station Casinos to go full-time with the UFC. He, his brother and his best friend had purchased the UFC several years ago but the main operations of the MMA sports group was headed by the friend, Dana White. As Station Casino and the UFC have both grown rapidly, Fertitta was feeling increasingly torn between the two businesses. With his resignation from the casino operations, he can devote all of his time to building up the sport he loves. His brother, Frank, will remain as the CEO of Station Casinos.

“Station Casinos is a business my family and I have built and now it’s a multi-billion dollar company. But the reality is, the UFC has gone through so much growth in the last eight years, my brother and I felt we’d be better in divide and conquer mode. He’ll stay at Station Casinos and take care of that and I’ll come over here and work on the issues involving the UFC, “ said Fertitta in his announcement to employees at Station Casinos. He went on to say, “[Frank’s] gonna focus 100 percent on Station Casinos and I’m gonna focus 100 percent of my time on the UFC.”