The month of March was a successful one in Macau as casinos were able to see gains of 22% in gambling revenues. The demand for gambling remains static in the former Portuguese colony’s only legal casino hub, with players continuing to frequent the casinos on a regular basis. Figures were released on Sunday by the Macau Gambling Inspection and Coordination Bureau, which showed that revenues were up 22.2% overall to $3.2 billion.

According to Reuters, this was the 20th month in a row that Macau has seen gains in gaming revenue, which aids in the economic recovery of the region. Revenues had dipped to new lows due to slowed economic growth as well as a widespread clampdown on corruption that began in 2014. Slowly Macau is regaining ground, continuing to produce solid numbers in their gaming industry, month after month.

Analysts expected that the region would see a 13 to 18 percent growth in March, with the 22% being a nice surprise for the month. Despite the gain, revenues continue to remain elusive from those seen in 2014 and are still only around the monthly number reported in 2012, according to data from Thomson Reuters Datastream showed, reports Reuters.

In February, Macau saw an increase in gaming revenues of 5.7%, and while the increase is positive, the revenues earned did fall below analyst’s expectations. It was believed that the Lunar New Year holiday would help the region see a higher increase in revenue numbers.