In Macau, the fourth quarter of last year reportedly saw the overall tourist price index increase by 5.59% year-on-year to 142.51 points led in large part by a 21% rise in the cost to stay at one of the city’s many hotels and guesthouses.

According to a report from GGRAsia citing data published on Monday by the enclave’s Statistics and Census Service, the fourth-quarter tourist price index swell was additionally pushed higher by a growth of 4% year-on-year in the costs to eat out alongside a 7% swell in communications and transport charges. Footwear and clothing registered an almost 5% decrease.

The Statistics and Census Service reportedly detailed that the tourist price index for the fourth quarter, which did not include services related to gaming, was moreover thrust upwards by higher prices for local Chinese food products although it described lower airfares as having a ‘moderating effect’ on the trend.

GGRAsia reported that the tourist price index advance for the final three months of the year represented a 9.95% swell quarter-on-quarter and took the annual average to 131.87 points, which was up by 0.77% when compared with the whole of 2016 following two years of declines.

For the entirety of 2017, the data reportedly indicated that the price indices for restaurant services had increased by 5.11% year-on-year while accommodation rose by 4.97%. However, the footwear and clothing sector experienced an overall decline of 7.16% while communication and transport fell off to the tune of 6.52%.