Macau Legislator, Au Kam San is currently inquiring as to whether the government plans to approve Coloane casino plans. Coloane is located next to Cotai, as a small district at 7.6 sq km. The inquiry was made due to the two ongoing projects: Golden Cotai No. 1 and Louis XIII. The Golden Cotai project has been stalled for several months, while the Louis XIII casino is projected to open in 2016. Au Kam San wants to know if the two casinos will be allowed to have gaming tables. On June 15, 2015, Lionel Leong Vai Tac, Macau’s Secretary for Economy and Finance, stated there are no legal restrictions that would interfere in opening full casino rooms in Coloane. He went on to say they would determine the public view point before making a decision.

As of yet, neither casino has made a request to add gaming tables. Public view may also be against the tables since Coloane is the “only casino-free island.” Leong stated only “Macau licensed casino concessionaires” are able to make requests to open new casinos.

Stephen Hung, an investment banker and part of Louis XIII’s investment team, has not answered yet as to if they will request a license to operate gaming tables. There are records indicating the owners filed to have 66 gaming tables with 16 VIP and 50 premium mass, but at this time they have not submitted any new requests now that the project is nearing completion.

When the project was originally submitted the Louis XIII project included the tables with a filing to the government; however, the market in Macau was saturated and gaining plenty of revenue. Now the market has changed with a 13 month loss in revenue that would make approving gaming tables difficult.

Galaxy Entertainment Group did receive a license for 150 gaming tables with their expansion project last month. The filing was for 500 tables. Melco Crown Entertainment requested 400 tables for the Studio City Resort project opening in Cotai later in 2015. They also received significantly fewer tables.

There is not a lot left for new tables to be added to casinos according to a statement Leong made in the previous week.