Metal Casino is the only online casino created specifically for hard rockers, offering a quality gaming experience with a head-banging twist. The online casino recently announced an expansion of their brand ambassador’s list with the addition of mega rock stars Gary Holt and Nita Strauss.

Since launching in 2017, Metal Casino has become a go-to option for rockers who want to enjoy casino games. The online casino has already partnered with top rock names like Ozzy Osbourne, Ryan Roxie and Scott Ian, and now adds Nita and Gary to the list as well.

Gary, a legend in rock as part of Slayer and Exodus, commented in a press release on signing with the online casino by stating: “I am super excited to announce that I have partnered with Metal Casino as a brand ambassador. There will be prizes to be won, guitars, meet and greets, concert tickets and more – if you’re into metal and into games of chance, how could it get any better!

“I’m proud to join Lord Ahriman, Scott Ian, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Dave Ellefson, The Backyard Babies guys, Ryan Roxie and of course OZZY F**KING OSBOURNE! Let’s do this! Time to roll!”

Also, well known to the rock world and part of Metal Casino now, Nita Strauss is happy to be joining the online casino as well. Her skills on the guitar are legendary and Nita is known for playing with a diverse group of artists, including Alice Cooper.

Commenting on joining Metal Casino, Nita stated: “Metal Casino combines two of my favorite things: having fun and listening to heavy metal! For someone like me, who isn’t an experienced enough gambler to go play in Vegas, Metal Casino is a great place to come and have a good time!”

Metal Casino first launched in 2017 and has continued to sign ambassadors to the site that represent the rock world as well as enjoy gaming. Players can win metal merchandise as well as concert tickets, meet their favorite bands and more. Founders of the new online casino have spent more than three decades working in the music and gaming industries, pulling their collective minds to create what is now known as Metal Casino.

Created by Metal music fans for Metal music fans, the online casino is something to behold!