North Dakota tribes are getting their new casino in the White Shield. The ground blessing for the new casino was announced on September 20, and the tribes joined forces to finally bring it to the daylight.

Ambitious plans:

The Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation partnered with 4 Bears Casino, DSGW Architecture, and Woodstone Inc. to build the Son Of Star Casino, which will be located in White Shield in North Dakota. It will be situated just south of the tribes’ powwow grounds.

According to the current plans, the opening is scheduled for 2026.

The casino will be placed across 37.000 square feet, and it will fulfill the wishes of even the pickiest gamblers. In the first phase of construction, besides 230 slot machines, the players will be able to enjoy six table games, a sportsbook, a modern poker room, as well as other amenities, such as a gift shop, campground, and coffee shop.

The second phase will make the casino even more impressive, with a convenience store, event center, and hotel.

Respecting the tradition:

The casino will pay respect to the long and rich history and culture of the MHA Nation.

The casino’s exterior will resemble the traditional design of Native American tribes. The interior will pay tribute to them as well, with carefully chosen art, timelines, and various artifacts.

As four natural elements, fire, water, earth, and wind, have a great role in Native American culture, they will have a special place in the casino as well: there will be four quadrants representing each of the elements.

Erik C. Wedge, the DSGW Principal, said: “We are honored to have worked with the MHA Nation to create this new casino. The casino is a beautiful and welcoming space that will provide both entertainment and economic opportunities for the MHA Nation and the surrounding community.”

The architecture and interior design company DSGW is famous for its great knowledge of indigenous architecture and creating pieces and properties that remind of the old times and tribes. The company has more than 40 years of experience and about 400 projects behind them. They have worked with more than 40 tribes on various projects, including clinics, community centers, and, of course, casinos.

Huge growth opportunity:

As Minot Daily News report, the whole community will benefit from the new casino since it will not only provide many tribal members with jobs but also be a huge source of revenue for the MHA Nation. The area will also benefit since it’s expected that many tourists will come to the White Shield because of the casino, so the local economy will blossom. 

Fred Fox, an East Segment Councilman, commented: “Having a casino in White Shield offers the framework to generate and foster economic growth, achieve sustainable employment, and promote tribal tourism. It’s a win-win for the tribe and the surrounding area.”