Online casino games innovator Microgaming has announced that it intends to launch a 243-ways-to-win video slot before the end of the year, themed on the classic 1980s adventure fantasy film Highlander.

Isle of Man-based Microgaming stated that the new game is set to debut on December 6 following the signing of a licensing agreement with film production and distribution firm Studiocanal that was brokered by Creative Licensing Corporation.

Released in 1986 and starring the likes of actors Sean Connery, Clancy Brown, Roxanne Hart and Christopher Lambert, Highlander tells the fictional story of immortal swordsman Connor MacLeod as he battles over several centuries to win ‘the prize’ of an ability to enslave the entire human race. The benevolent protagonist’s history is revealed through a series of flashbacks to his early life in the medieval Scottish highlands. While the cult film finishes with this central character defeating the last of his enemies in 1980s New York City to usher in a period of peace and cooperation.

David Reynolds, Games Publisher for Microgaming, described Highlander as ‘one of the great cult hits of the 1980s’ before stating that it will make for ‘a fantastic brand for an online slot’. He revealed that the coming game is to feature an ‘action-packed storyline’ and a ‘hefty rock-inspired composition’ while moreover incorporating scenes from ‘the historical Scottish Highlands and gritty New York City’.

Stephanie Kupperman from Creative Licensing Corporation explained that the coming Highlander slot will additionally come complete with ‘many of the iconic characters’ such as those portrayed by Lambert, Hart and Brown and offer players the ability to revisit the story and see ‘their favorite heroes and villains in game format’.