With a planned 2018 debut, the executive team of the Ālon Las Vegas Resort is aiming to reinvent the Las Vegas experience with the help of successful nightclub kingpin Jesse Waits. CEO Andrew Pascal and COO Rob Oseland met with Waits earlier this year, and offered him an opportunity to oversee the design of the resort’s social areas, and he accepted immediately.

The design of the lobby area, day and night clubs, restaurants, bars, and pool area will focus on intimate experiences for the high-end customer. Conceptually, the Ālon is moving away from the mega-club era resort layout to a more personalized guest experience that Waits predicts to be the future of Las Vegas.

The resorts’ planned spaces indicate a dramatic shift from Vegas resorts of the past. The casino area, at only 50,000-square-feet with an estimated 1,117 table and electronic gaming seats, is set to be the smallest of the resort’s entertainment spaces. Further, the projected 56,000-square-foot night-club is surprisingly smaller than both the 65,000-sqaure-foot ballroom and the 81,000-square-foot pool area. And the largest dedication of space is planned for luxury retail with almost 116,000-square-feet split between interior and street access shopping.

In an interview with Vegas Seven, Waits stated “The culture of Vegas has been shifting”, and claims that no other property has effectively captured that new direction. “I see things shifting towards more intimate experiences. Ālon will deliver this at a scale that is more human and intimate.”