The proposed state budget does not include proposals to triple casino profit shares for Niagara Falls.

Assemblyman John D. Ceretto and New York State Sen. Robert G. Ortt had introduced separate bills that would change how the government’s share of profits from Seneca Niagara Casino is divided. Both Ceretto and Ortt worked towards having 75 percent of what is received by the state sent to Niagara Falls, with the state keeping 25 percent, according to The Buffalo News.

Currently, the state keeps 75 percent and the Falls receives 25 percent of the profits. That existing formula would be maintained on the table in Albany. The current funding formula would be extended by the proposed budget through 2023, said Mayor Paul A. Dyster. The formula is due to expire at the end of this year.

In February, the Niagara Falls Advisory Panel met with the City Council to deliver a message, to stop using casino funds to balance the city’s budget. Some Advisory Panel Members said the casino money has been used by the city as a crutch; the last reassessment was done poorly and the more money that came in the more that was spent. They were in agreement that the City Council needs to look for reinvestment options and meet regularly to find cost-cutting measures and ways for taxes to be gradually increased prior to a final budget being in place when it will be too late.