In an April 11, 2019, press release, the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) welcomed a same-day announcement by the Ontario government to put in place an online gaming regulatory system in the Canadian province that will make “safe and legal gambling options” available to consumers.

A not-for-profit organization, the CGA works to advance the evolution of the North American country’s gaming industry and is responsible for promoting the economic value of gaming there, while using the best practices, innovation and research to help the industry advance and to build productive dialogue among stakeholders.

According to the Thursday press release

More than $500 million annually is being spent by Ontarians on gambling with offshore websites. And the organization, which is also the co-owner of the Canadian Gaming Summit, commends the government’s budget commitment that will see a “competitive market for online legal gambling that will reflect consumer choice while protecting consumer who play on these sites” created.

Offshore concern:

The CGA is a longtime advocate for the regulation of online gaming in Canada. President and Chief Executive Officer for the CGA, Paul Burns, said…

“We have seen significant growth in the amount of wagering with offshore websites and we welcome the move to create a regulatory system for offshore sites to better protect consumers.”

The Toronto-based organization is, according to the press release, looking forward to  being part of the government’s planned dialogue with industry stakeholders and shares the province’s commitment to creating a market which is reflective of the preferences of consumers, brings to them an entertaining gaming experience, and makes certain that appropriate safeguards are available.

Single event wagering:

Via the news release, Burns also thanked the Minister of Finance of Ontario, Vic Fedeli, for the government’s continued pressure on the Federal Government for the amendment of the Criminal Code to allow single-event wagering.

“We share the Minister’s view that it’s time to end the gambling prohibition era and allow sports bettors access to the product they want” Burns added.

End of monopoly:

In the 2019 provincial budget, Ontario’s new Tory government pledged to broaden online gambling options for the province’s approximately 15 million residents, effectively ending the current online gambling monopoly enjoyed by the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation (OLG)-operated website.

the NBA would support the Province of Ontario offering this form of betting

Proposed changes:

The plans also include the legalization of single-event sports betting in the Canadian province, along with allowing casinos to advertise complementary alcohol, a move that the government reportedly said will aid in creating a more level playing field for the province’s casinos and will enable them to more effectively compete with gaming venues in the United States.

Other additions:

Also part of the plans, private online operators will be able to submit applications for licenses to do business in Ontario, while residents will be able to purchase OLG lottery products with their smartphones should they choose to do so.

Widespread support:

The move is reportedly supported by Gary Bettman, commissioner for the NHL ice hockey league; Canadian Football League commissioner, Randy Ambrosie, and Major League Soccer commissioner, Don Garber.

NBA basketball commissioner, Adam Silver, also voiced his support for legal single event sports betting in the Canadian province, saying that regulation would protect both the fans and the integrity of the game, according to the Toronto Sun.

“Should the Federal Government permit betting on single sporting events, the NBA would support the Province of Ontario offering this form of betting, subject to appropriate safeguards. The NBA has agreements with multiple licensed international gaming companies that incorporate these safeguards and can help provide a roadmap for Ontario,” said Silver.