We have some unfortunate news to relay to avid online casino players. If you’ve come across Hera Casino in your cyber travels, be sure to steer clear from this point forward, as we have learned that it is using counterfeit content from software brands, Yggdrasil, and Pragmatic Play.

The initial tip-off came from players themselves, as several reports of odd game play, occurring within the site’s slots, turned up on multiple forums. Some reported instances of strange winning patterns, and other disconcerting features. Sure enough, after a little digging and inspecting the source code, it was uncovered that the site has, indeed, been delivering pirated versions of the brand’s games, a rare occurrence for these providers. Typically, it is the more well-known suppliers being targeted.

It was further discovered that its pirated games were not all the site has been hiding. In fact, as it turns out, the casino put little effort into keeping its shadiness under wraps at all. Its layout is questionable at best, with few games displayed, and a set of terms and conditions that will leave you scratching your head.

Another major red flag is the casino’s inability to provide proof of its supposed UK license. Though a logo for the UK Gambling Commission is provided at the bottom of the homepage, a simple click of it will lead you to the site’s registration form. Several other tabs lead to nowhere, and it’s a wonder how this online casino gained any registered users to begin with.

To add to the laundry list of suspicious qualities, Hera also makes a point to bold pieces of text across its pages that address its right to close accounts, void/withhold winnings, and a variety of other things that make up every player’s worst nightmare. If that’s not fishy, we don’t know what is.

So, to put it plainly: stay away at all costs! You don’t want to get mixed up in this mess, trust us.

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  1. Jody blake

    HERA CASINO is a scam fake slots and their one and only online support person is a rude arrogant tosser i won $5000 on 26/12/17 with no bonus playing by their terms and conditions soon as went to the home page to ask online support if they needed any supporting docs for my withdraw i saw the online support icon vanish of the screen tried calling their support line no ans after at 80 phone calls 50 emails i still havent heard a thing dont trust this casino dont deposit any money this casino is a SCAM if any body knows where i could obtain some info about this casino could please let me know


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