Rivers Casino Portsmouth has been hit with substantial fines following a series of regulatory violations identified by the Virginia Lottery over the past year. The casino has agreed to pay a total of $545,000 in two separate settlements related to these breaches.

Details of the fines and settlements:

The first settlement, reached in September, resulted in a $40,000 fine. This was followed by a significantly larger penalty of $505,000 settled in May. These fines come as part of the Virginia Lottery’s efforts to regulate casino operations across the state.

In the September settlement, the Virginia Lottery and Rivers Casino Portsmouth reviewed alleged breaches of the Casino Gaming Law. These violations included the presence of underage individuals on the gaming floor in August. Notably, this is not the first instance of such an offense; the casino faced a $275,000 fine for a similar violation the previous year.

The May settlement outlined more extensive issues. Once again, underage individuals were found on the gaming floor alongside voluntarily excluded persons in December and January. Additionally, the settlement highlighted deficiencies in accounting and surveillance controls noted in July and February, as well as lapses in revenue reporting and table game operations between September and January.

While the settlements do not formally confirm the merit of the violations, they were agreed upon to avoid a formal hearing process.

Casino’s response and future measures:

Roy Corby, General Manager of Rivers Casino Portsmouth, acknowledged the severity of these matters, stating, as the Virginian-Pilot reports, “We take these matters very seriously and respect the decision of the Virginia Lottery. We have reviewed and revised procedures to help prevent recurrence.” However, Corby did not provide specific details on the measures taken to address these issues. The settlement agreements do mandate corrective action plans to prevent future violations.

The fines, totaling $545,000, will be directed to the commonwealth’s general fund, as stipulated by state law.

Rivers Casino Portsmouth made history as the region’s first and permanent casino to open in Virginia in January 2023. The facility, spanning 250,000 square feet on Victory Boulevard near Tidewater Community College, boasts nearly 1,500 slot machines, 24 poker tables, various restaurants, and other amenities.

Despite its promising start, these recent violations highlight the challenges and responsibilities of maintaining regulatory compliance in the gaming industry. The substantial fines underscore the importance of adhering to state laws and the expectations set forth by regulatory bodies like the Virginia Lottery.

The significant fines imposed on Rivers Casino Portsmouth are a stark reminder of the importance of stringent regulatory compliance. As the casino continues to operate, it will need to ensure that all measures are in place to prevent similar violations from occurring in the future. Implementing corrective action plans and revised procedures will restore trust and maintain a positive relationship with regulatory authorities.

Rivers Casino Portsmouth’s commitment to addressing these issues and enhancing its operational protocols will safeguard its reputation and ensure a smooth path forward in the competitive gaming industry.