Scientific Games Corporation has announced the launch of a new suite of sports betting technology, titled OpenSports. The new product is a transformation of the company’s idea for sports betting products by offering an enhanced stack of solutions and quickness like none other. Player experience is at the core of the newly-developed product.

Redesigned Sportsbook Solution:

OpenSports offers a completely new design when it comes to the sportsbook solution by the company. Customers are provided with a modular portfolio of products that can be mixed to meet the needs of the client.

With the new technology, OpenBet remains the core technology solution used. The sportsbook product operates via the proprietary betting engines of SG Digital. OpenPlatform is also involved, offering quality player account and wallet services.

With the OpenTrade solution, managed trading services offering a well-rounded solution or pricing, odds and feeds. OpenEngage powers the sportsbook operators with flexible interfaces for digital as well as retail gaming.

Scientific Games includes OpenAccelerate to their sportbook offerings as well, helping operators to be able to implement as well as manager and run the day to day operations.

According to the developer

SVP Sportsbook for SG, Keith O’Loughlin, commented on the new product by stating: “This evolution of our sportsbook products and services has been in line with our goal of providing unrivalled player experiences for our customers. The unication of our portfolio under a single brand allows us to help our customers connect better with their players and deliver next level engagement.

As a business, we’ve grown through strategic M&A and continued to invest in our cutting-edge technology solutions to meet our customer and players’ evolving needs. OpenSports acknowledges and embraces that change by giving our customers exactly what they need to win in the sports betting arena.

It’s a natural next step for us to continuously improve the way we connect customer needs with world class player experiences. The game has changed. We’ve changed. We’re here to set the new standard by which this industry operates.”

Additional New Content:

Along with their new sports betting product, SG has been busy creating new slot content. In late March, the company announced the lunch of Munchkinland. The slot is themed one based on the popular movie, The Wizard of Oz.

The game is placed in the Gamefield 2.0 cabinet and will offer players the chance to relive scenes from the movie as well as see their favorite characters on the reels. From Dorothy to the Wicked Witch of the East, all the well-known characters are found in this new land-based slot game.