Sphinx 3D™ is the first title in IGT’s new True3D™ product line and part of a new generation of slot machines. The Egyptian-themed game utilizes patented, award-winning 3D display technology designed exclusively for GTECH for the gaming industry. Sphinx 3D is Spielo’s first product launch since it changed to a gaming product brand. The new technology allows players to experience an unmatched effect to the 3D gaming experience all without the need for additional eyewear, according to IGT.

Designed for GTECH by German engineering firm SeeFront, True 3D uses custom “Autostereoscopic Technology.” The player’s position is detected by the integrated eye-tracking system and according to their position continuously adjusts the image. That means that no matter what angle you’ve positioned the seat at the front of the screen depth and full clarity are maintained. A five-reel, 30 line game, Sphinx 3D features an action-packed base game and seven bonuses in total including two in the base game, and the Sphinx Bonus selection’s five. The Sphinx Bonus selection is triggered by the three Sphinx symbols in the base game. The selection of bonuses to choose from grows as the bets increase.

Gameplay fully harmonizes the themed side panels, audio, and illuminated Sphinx head in the new GTECH AXXIS™ cabinet. The cabinet is designed to maximize comfort and immerse players into the 3D visuals. AXXIS’ design is complemented by customizable interfaces, and features the latest touch-screen technology on the newly designed high resolution button panel.True 3D is captured on a 23” widescreen LCD, which sits beneath a 39” portrait LCD cabinet with full HD resolution that lights up the casino floor. The slot experience is completed by a an ergonomically designed multimedia chair with player-focused sound and rumble effects.

Considering the massive, and long-range impact of the millennial generation to casinos and their lack of interest in the older technology of gaming venues, gaming manufacturers as well as casino executives are scurrying to adapt the gaming industry to lure the next generation to gambling. The Tropicana Casino and Resort was the first to introduce Sphinx 3D in Atlantic City in September of 2014.

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