Kicking off on July 30th, the Unibet Open returned to Bucharest and offered players a few days of quality poker gaming. On the schedule was a €2,200 High Roller event, which saw 63 total players registering to compete. In the end, it was Alexandru Gavrilut who earned the first-place finish, outlasting several top players during the competition.

Final Table Eliminations:

Amazingly, once final table play began and the 6th player was eliminated, Gavrilut would eliminate the final four players by himself. Fifth place would go to Amir Shomron when he put his A-K up against Gavrilut’s pocket jacks. Fourth place would go to Andreai Nodea, the chip leader from Day 1, after he put his pocket queens up against Gavrilut’s pocket sixes.

The next to go would be Petre Laurentiu Chiriac. As the short stack, Chiriac’s tournament life was ended after he put his deuce-three up against Gavrilut’s ace-four. With this elimination, heads-up play would begin.

Heads-up Battle:

Gavrilut would have to face off against Simeon Spasov in the final round, a player who had kept the chip lead throughout the final table. Going in to heads-up play, Spasov had a 2 to 1 chip lead. The chip lead would go back and forth until Gavrilut would eventually gain a nice 7 to 1 advantage.

Spasov was not ready to give up and would cut down the lead to 3 to 1 before the final hand would go down. Both players used all their strategy and training to try and earn the win, but there could only be one champion.

According to Pokernews…

Spasov would go all in on the final hand with Jack-nine after holding top pair on the turn. Gavrilut would call with a Queen-eight lower pair. An eight on the river gave Gavrilut trips and the win, securing him the 2018 Unibet High Roller title.

Final Table Results:

Place Player Title
First Alexandru Gavrilut €38,630
Second Simeon Spasov €27,760
Third Petre Laurentiu Chiriac €16,540
Fourth Andrei Nodea €12,250
Fifth Amir Shomron €9,420
Sixth Paraskevas Tsokaridis €7,250
Seventh Vladas Tamasauskas €5,800
Eighth Cosmin Voinea €4,640
Ninth Jack Sinclair €3,710