In the online casino industry, almost all operators offer some type of promotion for their members. Online casino operators know that if they provide an enticing bonus offer or promotion, players will continue to visit their site again and again. Gaming sites have to be able to stand out above the rest and one way to do so is to offer quality bonus options. With so many choices available, it can be hard for players to know which bonuses are decent and have value and which ones should be avoided. Our partners at LCB have decided to cover the topic,  in an effort to help players learn more by evaluating their options. The following information can be used to help find a bonus option that will work best for your gameplay needs.

Types of bonuses:

Before you can choose a bonus offer, you need to know more about the types available. A deposit match bonus is the most common option found at online casinos. However, the term is used to describe different types of bonuses. In general, deposit match bonuses will include cashable bonuses, sticky bonuses and what is known as phantom bonuses.

When considering such bonuses, you want to find out how much the bonus is compared to the deposit, the total playthrough amount and the return to player percentage, or house edge, of the game you can use to clear the bonus. With fully cashable bonuses, you want to ask yourself these questions. Most will be a 100% match bonus which would mean that if you deposit $100, then you would earn $100 in bonus cash to use for gaming.

Once you know the amount you will receive, it’s important to look at the playthrough requirements. For the most part, the rollover will be in the 20x to 25x range. The lower the rollover requirement, the quicker you will be able to clear the bonus amount. The game requirements must also be considered with this bonus type. Players should always choose a bonus that allows for games they enjoy as well as those that have a low return to player percentage.

Unfortunately, for the most part, the majority of bonuses on offer are designed for the player to lose. The player is usually better off making a deposit and then declining the bonus, able to cash out whenever they like instead of having to wait to clear bonus cash before making a withdrawal.


According to LCB

Another bonus option players have access to is a phantom bonus. This is one where the bonus amount will disappear when a cash out is made. The only money left is the initial deposit and winnings that were earned. With this type of bonus, it is recommended that the player bet as much as they can based on the bankroll. Phantom bonuses require players look at the game restrictions of the bonus, any betting restrictions and playthrough requirements, in that order. Choosing the game available with the best options will ensure the least amount of money is lost to clear the bonus.

Sticky Bonuses are yet another bonus option, but not offered as often as they used to be. With this bonus type, players will be given a bonus amount and they can only cash out the deposit amount and any winnings. While the bonus funds cannot be withdrawn, they remain in the account and can be used in the future for wagering. You then can cash out any winnings as they are earned.

No Deposit Bonuses are another option but not as large as the other types of bonus options. With this type, players need to be sure of the requirements. Some online casinos will require that a player make a deposit before they can withdraw, even when it comes to a no deposit bonus. In this scenario, players need to be sure that the casino offers the methods they can use for withdrawal.

Signs of a bad bonus:

When it comes to taking advantage of online casino bonuses, it is important to understand the signs of a bad bonus. At LCB, a few key points have been covered to help players better understand what to watch out for. An example of this is difficult to understand rules, or terms and conditions. If you are reading the fine print of the bonus and don’t understand it, don’t make a deposit. You can reach out to customer support for help, but once you do and still don’t understand, move to another online casino bonus.

Game/wager restrictions should also be considered. There is nothing worse than making a deposit and having access to a bonus only to find that the only games that count towards the bonus are what you don’t want to play. If you are a video poker player, you don’t want to access a bonus that doesn’t allow video poker towards the playthrough requirements. Looking at the requirements for games and wagering helps you to better understand what is required and needs to be reviewed before you get started.

Taking advantage of bonus options can be exciting but also intimidating if you do not understand what you are getting in to. Consider using this calculator suggested by LCB to input information to see if a bonus you are considering is worth your time and effort. Taking a little time to research your options can help you to make the right decision when it comes to bonus opportunities!