Spokane, Washington news sources are reporting that a woman (who desires to remain anonymous) has won one of the largest progressive slot machine jackpots ever in Idaho and the Northwest region.

The win occurred in Worley, Idaho at the Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort Hotel late Friday evening, and was verified by 2:00am on Sunday morning August 1. The winner was playing a Friends-themed electronic slot game connected to many other casinos through a wide area network (WAN) configuration. The casino prides itself on its large array of high jackpot progressive machines, and currently features over 20 WAN slots – nine with jackpots sitting at or above the $1 million mark.

The casino does report that the winner is retired and is a well-known regular who has been enjoying play there since it opened in 1993. By the same token the winner considers the casino her “home away from home” and perceives all the employees she has gotten to know over the years to be very special.

CEO Dave Matheson admits that his staff is as excited as the winner stating, “A win for her is win for all of us, and that’s exactly how it feels.”

As for spending the money, the winner confessed that she would love to visit Paris, but is uncomfortable traveling in airplanes. She does, however, admit to being a huge fan of Gonzaga’s basketball team and plans to attend more games.