A new multiplier game has been launched by 4ThePlayer, titled 1000x BUSTA, offering players a fun experience. Inspired by Crypto Busta/Crash games, this title was reinvented for Real Money RNG casinos. The game is simple and allows players to wager on an increasing multiplier. The goal is to hit the multiplier before BUSTA.

Details of 1000x BUSTA:

4ThePlayer created this new game to include features that players can use to hold their winnings. With the Cash Out feature, players can choose to hold on to winnings or Cash Out before BUSTA. The developer also added data so players can keep track of their gameplay. The game also includes advanced infographics as well as configurable expert autoplay.

According to 4ThePlayer.com….

CEO Andrew Porter commented on the new title by stating: “After the success of 100 Bit Dice, we are proud to release our second crypto inspired game, 1000X BUSTA! This game has wide appeal, it is not just for Crypto aware players but any player who enjoys action paced, innovative table games.”

The game is now available via the Relax Silver Bullet Platform.

Joining Other Games:

The new game now joins other unique content at 4ThePlayer.com. This includes a game that launched just a few months ago, 1 Left Alive. This unique game has a lone survivor who is trying to find her way through the apocalypse. The action is constant in this game and players will find an extra spins bonus as well as bloody wilds on the reels!

Both of these games are just a few examples of what the developer has to offer.