Gambling venues in the state of Florida are preparing to reopen. On Friday, the bestbet in Jacksonville and Orange Park, along with the Palm Beach Kennel Club will reopen to the public. Each facility will have certain requirements that employees and guests must meet to provide a safe and healthy environment amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

bestbet Reopening Details:

For the two bestbet properties, the venues will reopen on Friday at 10:00 am. These are two of the largest poker rooms in the state and have been closed for just over two months. For poker games, only five players can be seated at a table. Guests will be asked to wear masks while onsite and will need to sanitize their hands when entering the facilities as well as be subject to a non-invasive temperature screening.

While patrons are at the Jacksonville or Orange Park properties, they are being asked to wash hands frequently and to maintain a social distance from others. Guests are also being asked to continue to wear their face mask at all times.

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As the bestbet facilities reopen, they will not exceed 50% of the occupancy limit. Enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols will be implemented at a higher frequency. Along with reducing the number of seats at the poker tables, seating will also be limited at café tables, high tops, and betting carrels.

Palm Beach Kennel Club Reopening:

In West Palm Beach, the Palm Beach Kennel Club is also preparing to reopen on Friday. They will offer live betting as well as a reduced poker gaming. Anyone entering the facility must wear a mask, have their temperature checked and sign a waiver.

Masks must be worn while bettors are in common areas like the betting line. Poker players must wear masks while at the table or in the poker room. The poker room will be open starting at 9:30 am. For live dog racing, the events will take place at 1 pm each day. On Friday and Saturday nights, additional races will be held at 7pm.