Melco Crown Entertainment is one of the latest gaming operators to offer a pay raise to staff. In a letter that was signed by the chief executive and the co-chairman, the casino states that a 5% salary increase will be offered to non-management staff at the casino. This percentage is right in line with other raises that have been offered by various Macau operators. The first checks with the new pay rate will be issued to employees in April.

Wynn Macau Ltd, a rival of Melco, just announced a 5% pay rise for 8,100 workers and SJM Holdings Ltd was the first company to offer a pay raise in 2015, occurring in January. Other casinos have also announced their plans to increase pay for non-management employees.

The Macau market has faced some challenging conditions and is experiencing a downturn. China has been trying to cease the lavish spending in the area this has caused shrinking revenue for Melco Crown. However, even with an uncertain environment, the decision to offer a 5% pay increase in base salaries has been made.