On September 24th, William Sean Creighton, aka 5Dimes Tony, the owner of the 5Dimes betting brand went missing around 10pm. The American is well-known in the gambling community and was reported missing by his wife on the 25th. An investigation was launched and in late October, it was believed that the body of 5Dimes Tony had been found. However, 5Dimes Casino says a body recovered in Costa Rica is not that of their owner.

Official Statement:

An official statement has been provided by the casino, with the online gaming site stating that the reports claiming Mr. Creighton was found dead are false and that everyone within the company are remaining positive that he will return soon.

According to LCB…

The official statement by 5Dimes read: “Despite recent news, 5Dimes Group board of directors and its over 300 employees would like to reassure its clientele the fundamentals of 5Dimes Group operating model remain unchanged.

We continue striving to deliver the best gambling experience to our customers, always aiming to innovate in the industry with more and better betting options to choose from.

Our thoughts and prayers join the rest of the online gambling industry for Tony’s safe return to his family.”

A Little Backstory:

Once Mr. Creighton went missing in late September, it was rumored that he was kidnapped for ransom money, however, no requests were made for ransom payments. Local media had reported that the owner’s wife had received a call from kidnappers asking for $750,000 in ransom money via Bitcoin to Cuban bank account. Another source stated that the ransom request was worth over $1 million in Bitcoin.

There are witnesses in the missing person’s case, with individuals stating that the Porsche Cayenne of Mr. Creighton was knocked off the road and ran into a gate of a private property where he was then taking to a location that is undisclosed by two individuals who captured him via motorcycle.

The family of Mr. Creighton have hired to former agents of the FBI to work on his disappearance. While a body was recovered recently in Costa Rica, it seems that it was not Mr. Creighton. We will continue to monitor this story and report details as they become available.