The current CEO of Esports Technologies, Aaron Speach, announced that he plans to go over and thoroughly discuss the organization’s new acquisition plans as well as some growth strategies during his fireside chat at the Needham & Company’s Consumer Tech/E – Commerce Conference on November 22nd, 2021. Esports Technologies is a top leader in the global offering of sophisticated e – sports gambling products, services, and technologies.

The Needham & Company’s Consumer Tech / E – Commerce Conference fireside chats will feature one – on – ones as well as small – group meetings in which investors will gain the opportunity to congregate with some of the biggest executives from an exclusive panel of consumer tech and e – commerce corporations and other smaller businesses out there servicing this booming industry at the moment.

Some of the of the scheduled and planned discussions will include the trends that the companies are seeing as the world emerges from the COVID – 19 pandemic, new innovative product launches, as well as some basic and general updates on their businesses. In addition to Aaron Speach of Esports Technologies some of the other sports betting industry leaders such as Draft Kings and Penn National will be featured on this upcoming and exciting virtual conference.

Media Statements

“Needham & Company’s Consumer Tech/E – Commerce Conference is a unique opportunity to tell investors about major developments at Esports Technologies,” the CEO of Esports Technologies, Aaron Speach, explained. I look forward to engaging conversations about our acquisition plans, growth strategies and advanced technologies.

 About Esports Technologies

 Esports Technologies happens to be a quickly developing, ground – breaking, and appealing provider of gambling products and services for all of those e – sports fans around the world. Esports Technologies is one of the top leading providers of e – sports products, services, and marketing solutions on a state – of – the – art technology platforms.

The organization currently operates under the licensed online gaming platform, provides real currency wagering opportunities on e-sports events as well as pro sports from across the globe in a secure and safe environment. Esports Technologies is constantly developing e – sports predictive gaming technologies which enable the distribution to both their customers as well as their business partners. If you have not yet looked at Esports Technologies I highly suggest that you take a close look at their exciting company.

Additional Information

For more information or to register for the event please visit: 1st Annual Needham Consumer Tech / E-Commerce Virtual Conference – Nov 22nd, 2021.