AB Trav och Galoop (ATG), a leading betting operator of Sweden, has announced they are now part of the International Betting Integrity Association. The company has added sports betting to their horserace betting products when the opportunity arose in Sweden at the beginning of 2019. The integrity association rebranded early this month and ATG was the first to join after the changes. The association has expanded their global monitoring and alert platform to include close to 50 international online and retail betting brands.

Leading Voice for Integrity:

The International Betting Integrity Association is a leading voice on a global scale when it comes to the integrity of the licensed betting industry. The group is run by operators for the betterment of operators, protecting the members from corruption through collective efforts.

The association uses a Monitoring & Alert Platform that is effective in anti-corruption efforts, as it detects and reports suspicious activity within the betting markets of members. The group works with leading sport and gambling regulators to share information, utilizing data and prosecuting corruption.

According to a recent press release…

ATG Chief Security & Quality Officer, Magnus Lunner, commented on joining the association by stating: “Protecting our product, consumers and sporting events from betting-related corruption is a foremost business consideration for ATG. Joining the International Betting Integrity Association, a globally recognized body and leader in its field, is a natural extension of that core aim. ATG is committed to upholding the highest values of integrity and to working with our partners in the association to ensure the safest possible betting environment.”

The Secretary General of the Association, Khalid Ali, also commented on the joining of ATG. Ali is delighted to welcome one of the leading brands from the newly opened Swedish Market to the group. ATG is now part of a committed group of sports betting operators who have a collective intent of working together to protect the businesses from corruption.