Gaming operators around the world are starting to consider new approaches to gaming as millennials do not seem interested in the standard gaming options such as lottery tickets, table games and slot machines. For the BC Lottery Corporation, the group is taking a different approach to finding new ideas to appeal to the younger gaming audience.

In an effort to keep residents of British Columbia interested in taking part in lottery games, the BC Lottery Corporation is hosting an event known as a hackathon this weekend. According to the Metronews, the event will take place during the Vancouver Startup Week and will focus on getting new ideas for gaming. The BC Lottery Corporation will be providing the individual with the best gaming idea $5,000 in prize money.

BCLC CEO, Jim Lightbody, stated that the point of the event is to create something that will excite players and the company does not expect it to be completed from A to Z by the end of the weekend. By the end of the weekend, a prize will be won and the idea will be worked on further with the BCLC to refine the gaming option and make sure it meets regulatory criteria.

The BC Lottery Corporation has been working on new ideas for some time, even partnering with the Centre for Digital Media located in Vancouver. One idea that was created while working with students of the Centre was that games and messages should be added to people who purchase lotto tickets in an effort to keep them engaged in buying the ticket and finding out if they have earned a win.

The hackathon will have around 200 people participating and will take place at the Telus Gardens which is located in the downtown area of Vancouver. Coders have the option to work on anything they would like to but prizes like the one offered by the BCLC will have individuals working on particular projects. By Sunday, judges will be listening to pitches and choosing an overall winner of the hackatho