In the United Kingdom, retail and online betting products and services supplier Sports Information Services Limited has announced that it has agreed to a three-year deal to provide financial support to the British Greyhound Breeders Forum.

Milton Keynes-based Sports Information Services Limited explained that the funding is designed to permit the British Greyhound Breeders Forum to fulfill an ambition to hold a string of Category One and Category Two competitions of varying distances exclusively for British greyhounds.

Greyhound Operations Manager for Sports Information Services Limited, Gordon Bissett, stated that the provision followed a proposal from the British Greyhound Breeders Forum’s John Marriott and will allow for the breeding of more dogs with outstanding abilities.

“We are pleased to be supporting and encouraging British breeding for the next three years with our partnership with the British Greyhound Breeders Forum,” read a statement from Bissett. “If there are British-bred competitions in place for the next three years, then there is a focus and a target for the pups that are bred here in the United Kingdom.”

For his part, Marriott, who serves as Chairman for the British Greyhound Breeders Forum proclaimed that he was ‘thankful’ Sports Information Services Limited had agreed to provide support for his plan to encourage British greyhound racing before declaring that he was hopeful additional sponsors may now come forward.

“As a consequence of having certainty about funding we are now able to confirm and indeed expand our range of competitions,” read a statement from Marriot.