Following one-day strike employee strike that was reported on July 10, 2023, Casino Victoria de Grasse located in the Alpes-Maritimes jurisdiction of France, has decided to cease operations for good. The decision was made after the Directorate of Public Liberties and Legal Affairs (DLPAJ) of the Ministry of the Interior canceled its gaming license, citing many flaws.

In addition, the mentioned casino is ranked 199th in the French casino ranking and its GGR is €676,490 in the whole FY.

Workers have yet to be informed of the decision:

Officials have yet to notify casino workers of the said decision, according to Journal des Casinos, a French casino news service. Additionally, one of the reasons for the decision is that the said casino has been doing poorly for few months already.

In April 2022, the Regional Chamber of Accounts released a negative report on the casino that indicated a drop in gross gaming income due to a drop in visits, compared to FY 2018/2019, which was the pre-pandemic period. But the profit situation became even more complex due to the deficit of the independent establishment, estimated at €168,000.” Then the aforementioned strike happened in June, where workers protested their existing working conditions and additional dysfunctions, and finally in early July, Jérôme Viaud, the mayor of Grasse, expressed concern over “the specifications of the public service delegation.”


Overlooking the French Riviera, Casino Victoria de Grasse is located in Grasse, France. Players will easily find it the city of perfumes in an impressive establishment built in 1895.

Casino Victoria de Grasse is a comfortable and enjoyable place with slot machines, electronic roulette, and a table for blackjack. Machines with different denominations offer numerous games, from vintage to modern designs. Any time, a progressive jackpot can hit and boost the user’s balance. When feeling exhausted from spinning and gaming, players may visit the “Le Victoria” restaurant, a relaxing and pleasant place with a fantastic view and delicious food. The perfect touch for an even better experience will be a glass of some of the best French wines. It is 16.3 kilometers away from the nearest Mandelieu Airport in Canne and about 30 kilometers away from Airport in Nice. When customers arrive, the parking is waiting for them.

Casino Victoria de Grasse is an elegant place with a cozy atmosphere offering 41 slot machines, four Electronic Roulette stations, and a blackjack table. There are vintage slot machines where players can play with tokens, as well as one-cent machines equipped with TITO technology. The gaming room is up to date, so do not hesitate to look for some of the latest slots. In addition, players can randomly win progressive jackpot amounts. Gaming in Casino Victoria de Grasse is only allowed to visitors older than 18.