In Japan and Casinos Austria International has reportedly released an updated draft of just what its envisioned Las Vegas-style integrated casino resort for Nagasaki Prefecture may look like and feature.

According to a report from Inside Asian Gaming, the Vienna-headquartered operator beat off steep competition in August to be selected as the Kyushu jurisdiction’s ‘preferred operating partner’ and has hopes of being able to premiere the full $3.08 billion gambling-friendly development on a 135-acre seaside plot of land next to the Huis Ten Bosch theme park by the end of the decade.

Agenda ambition:

Casinos Austria International already runs some 40 gambling facilities in 16 nations including Austria, Egypt, Belgium and Australia and is reportedly very eager to add Japan to this list. The source detailed that the company now intends to work with officials from Nagasaki Prefecture to further refine the plan for its proposed integrated casino resort in advance of submitting a completed license application to a panel of federal selectors before the conclusion of an April 28 deadline.

Conservative casino:

Inside Asian Gaming reported that the latest draft plan from Casinos Austria International foresees the entire integrated casino resort for Nagasaki Prefecture featuring approximately 79 acres of floor space encompassing a three-story gambling area situated to the rear of the site. This enterprise is to purportedly be run by the operator’s new Casinos Austria International Japan Incorporated subsidiary under strict laws governing the placement of clocks, wagering limits and the amount of time punters may spend at the tables.

Towering transport:

Casinos Austria International reportedly disclosed that it is also considering whether to add a cable car system to the proposed development so as to provide visitors with an easy way to travel to and from the nearest train station. Regardless of whether this interesting option is adopted, the firm purportedly noted that it has already committed to spending a further $129 million on infrastructure projects covering water, sewage and local airport facilities.

Ancillary additions:

Alongside all of this and the operator reportedly stated that its plan for the envisioned integrated casino resort moreover calls for the construction of several meeting and entertainment facilities with a unique ‘curved’ design. It purportedly explained that this could well be joined by a seven-level Japan House complex to exhibit local works of art under the Cool Japan concept.

Abounding accommodation:

Akio Hayashi serves as the President for Casinos Austria International Japan Incorporated and he reportedly used a recent interview to suggest that the development for Nagasaki Prefecture is furthermore being planned to offer a selection of some 2,000 hotel rooms styled around the ‘new fusion’ model. Is has purportedly since been revealed that Austria’s five-star Hotel Sachar wants to be part of the envisioned project, which may additionally offer a host of restaurants and bars as well as local ‘Toji’ hot springs services.

Hayashi reportedly stated…

“We cannot reveal the names of the companies until the Nagasaki Prefectural Assembly in March.”