As it looks to win the right to host one of Japan’s coming trio of integrated casino resorts and Nagasaki Prefecture has reportedly announced further details of what it would like such a finished development to feature.

According to a report from Inside Asian Gaming, the move is all part of the initial request for concept (RFC) phase of the southern jurisdiction’s plan to bring a Las Vegas-style gambling facility to a 74-acre site adjacent to the Huis Ten Bosch theme park. The first stage of this process will kick off from Thursday and is to purportedly involve the Kyushu prefecture soliciting plans from private sector operators interested in building and running its envisioned integrated casino resort near the small city of Sasebo.

Precise price:

Inside Asian Gaming reported that Nagasaki Prefecture is hoping to have selected a final proposal by the autumn of next year before submitting this finished plan to a panel of federal selectors in Tokyo. In order to be considered, private firms have now been told that they must commit to spending between $3 billion and $5 billion so as to build a venue featuring at least one large hotel alongside an exhibition facility that is capable of accommodating up to 12,000 visitors.

Intense competition:

Home to some 1.3 million people, Nagasaki Prefecture is reportedly eager to have opened its new integrated casino resort by the end of 2024 as a way to help attract more tourists and improve the local economy. But, any plan it ultimately submits for one of the three soon-to-be-available casino licenses is likely due to face stiff competition from up to nine other Japanese runners including the larger communities of Osaka, Tokyo and Yokohama.

Conference conditions:

The jurisdiction is moreover due to specify that any hotel included as part of its integrated casino resort plan must feature at least 1,076,391 sq ft of floor space while it will moreover set a minimum threshold of 215,278 sq ft for the required exhibition facility. In addition, it is to mandate that any finished development come complete with a conference hall capable of holding 6,000 people as well as a selection of breakout meeting rooms able to accommodate a similar complement of visitors.