The possibility of Korean nationals being able to enjoy casino gaming upon South Korean cruise ships has gone from a maybe to a definite no according to local officials. The cruise vessels should be ready for voyage by next year and the casino admission is not going to allow residents to take part. Only foreign passengers will be able to play the casino games on board the ship.

Han Dong-soo is an official of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries who stated that the ministry is not in talks to push for Koreans to be admitted to the casinos. Just yesterday, the ministry announced that an ordinance to support the local tourism industry was approved by the cabinet and would be effective by the 4th of August.

Dong-soo stated that the ministry is currently seeking to support the cruise operators of South Korea to go for on-board casinos. Many companies have showed interest in the industry and the ministry is expecting the first vessel to be ready for sail as early as 2016.

Back in May, the Maritime Minister Yoo Ki-june was quoted as stating that there was a possibility that nationals of South Korea would be able to gamble on-board the cruise ships. The Maritime Minister stated that there would be a gambling limit of $100 for a trip lasting five days for any national on board. This information was provided by the Yonhap News Agency, who also reported that an operator of a land based casino in the area, Hahm Seung-heui, stated that if locals are banned on land then they should be on sea as well.