On Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021 the Cleveland Indians have announced that their young and highly successful right – handed starting pitcher, Aaron Civale, will most likely be getting placed on Major League Baseball’s injured list sometime soon due to soreness in his right middle finger on his throwing hand. This is a bad time for the Cleveland Indians’ best starting pitcher in Civale to go down just as the Cleveland Indians have reached second place in the highly competitive American League Central division, and they are only 2 games behind the surging Chicago White Sox who have been experiencing one hell of a run during this 2021 MLB season so far.

Hopefully for both the Cleveland Indians as well as Aaron this injury to his right middle finger will not keep him out of the Cleveland Indians’ starting pitching rotation for more than a start or two at most. Civale is now scheduled to visit with hand specialist, Dr. Thomas Graham, on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021 in order to determine the severity of this ailment to his most vulnerable and possible valuable body part.

The Injury to Aaron Civale’s Finger

This injury was first addressed on Monday, June 21st, 2021 during a game against the Chicago Cubs from Wrigley Field located in Chicago, Illinois. Civale was forced to leave the ball game during the fifth inning following the discomfort and soreness surrounding his right middle finger. The Cleveland Indians ended up winning this match – up against the Chicago Cubs, and Aaron now has an overall record of 10 and 2 during this 2021 Major League Baseball regular season which is just approximately half way through at this point. Civale has carried an impressive earned run average of 3.32 over the course of his 15 big – league starts this year.

Following the results of Civale’s visit with Dr. Graham the Cleveland Indians will be able to determine how long he needs to be placed on the Major League Baseball injured list for. I anticipate it should only be around a 10 – day stint on the IL for the young and talented right – hander. He should only have to miss a start or two for the Cleveland Indians unless this injury proves to be much more serious than it sounds at the moment.

Media Statements

 My guess is we will need to make a roster move,” the Cleveland Indians’ manager, Terry Francona, explained to the sports media world last Tuesday, June 22, 2021. “Because of tomorrow’s day off, we can let him get looked at first. But I think we’re prepared that he’s going to miss some time.”

 “He’s pretty sore,” Francona goes on to say. “He says he feels like he jammed it, which obviously he didn’t. But that’s the feeling. That’s what he said it feels like.”


Current MLB Standings (as of Friday, June 25th, 2021)

American League East

Tampa Bay Rays                    45 – 31            0 Games Behind

Boston Red Sox                      44 – 31            0.5 Games Behind

New York Yankees                40 – 34            4 Games Behind

Toronto Blue Jays                   38 – 35            5.5 Games Behind

Baltimore Orioles                   23 – 52            21.5 Games Behind

American League Central

Chicago White Sox                 44 – 30            0 Games Behind

Cleveland Indians                 41 – 31            2 Games Behind

Kansas City Royals                33 – 40            10.5 Games Behind

Detroit Tigers                         32 – 43            12.5 Games Behind

Minnesota Twins                    31 – 43            13 Games Behind

American League West

Houston Astros                       47 – 28            0 Games Behind

Oakland Athletics                   46 – 31            2 Games Behind

Seattle Mariners                      39 – 37            8.5 Games Behind

Los Angeles Angels                36 – 38            10.5 Games Behind

Texas Rangers                        27 – 48            20 Games Behind

National League East

New York Mets                      38 – 31            0 Games Behind

Washington Nationals             36 – 36            3.5 Games Behind

Philadelphia Phillies               34 – 37            5 Games Behind

Atlanta Braves                        35 – 39            5.5 Games Behind

Miami Marlins                        31 – 43            9.5 Games Behind

National League Central

Milwaukee Brewers                42 – 33            0 Games Behind

Chicago Cubs                         42 – 33            0 Games Behind

Cincinnati Reds                      37 – 36            4 Games Behind

St. Louis Cardinals                 36 – 39            6 Games Behind

Pittsburgh Pirates                    27 – 46            14 Games Behind

National League West

San Francisco Giants              48 – 26            0 Games Behind

Los Angeles Dodgers             44 – 31            4.5 Games Behind

San Diego Padres                    45 – 32            4.5 Games Behind

Colorado Rockies                   31 – 44            17.5 Games Behind

Arizona Diamondbacks          21 – 55            28 Games Behind

Odds to Win the MLB 2021 World Series       

According to Bovada sportsbook below are the odds to win the MLB 2021 World Series as Friday, June 25th, 2021. Currently the Cleveland Indians have the 15th highest odds to win it all for this exciting 162 game regular season of Major League Baseball in addition to the 2021 MLB playoffs.

Team                                                   Odds

Los Angeles Dodgers                         +340

Chicago White Sox                             +675

San Diego Padres                                +700

Houston Astros                                   +800

New York Mets                                  +900

New York Yankees                            +1100

Tampa Bay Rays                                +1500

Oakland Athletics                               +1600

Boston Red Sox                                  +1800

San Francisco Giants                          +1800

Milwaukee Brewers                            +2000

Atlanta Braves                                    +2400

Toronto Blue Jays                               +2500

St. Louis Cardinals                             +3300

Cleveland Indians                             +4500

Chicago Cubs                                     +4500

Los Angeles Angels                            +6000

Cincinnati Reds                                  +6600

Philadelphia Phillies                           +7000

Kansas City Royals                            +8000

Washington Nationals                        +8000

Minnesota Twins                                +10000

Seattle Mariners                                  +10000

Miami Marlins                                    +15000

Detroit Tigers                                     +60000

Pittsburgh Pirates                                +60000

Texas Rangers                                    +75000

Baltimore Orioles                               +100000

Colorado Rockies                               +100000

Arizona Diamondbacks                      +150000